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Adrian Robertson

Tax Consultant

Adrian has been part of the Millionaires Tax Consultants team for a very long time!

She is a very important member of our team and we appreciate all that she does! Thank you for all of your hard work, loyalty and dedication to Millionaires Tax Consultants! We appreciate you!

She is ready to leave a LEGACY for her family. A family business that will outlive her! She understands building Generational Wealth & MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME!

Her clients love her knowledge, passion and friendly personality! She is a natural problem-solver.

We look forward to watching her continue to accomplish great things!

She enjoys helping people in many ways from her experience in the medical field, to her work and experience in the field of life insurance. Her passion is to help people in as many ways ad she possibly can while building a solid foundation for her children.

She is currently a pharmacy technician. She graduated from Concorde career college.

She is a hard dedicated worker who you can trust to go above and beyond for you and your family.


Adrian Robertson
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