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Brent Gaskins

Tax Consultant

Brent Gaskins, Professional Name Brent Moorer Gaskins(Acting) is ready to leave a LEGACY for his family. A family business that will outlive him! He understands building Generational Wealth & MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME!

He attended the University of South Carolina, National Association of Mortgage

Underwriters(NAMU) and holds special certifications such as, Certified Master Mortgage Underwriter(CMMU), Certified COVID Compliance Officer, and BMI for BMG Movement Music Group.

Brent holds several distinguished awards including, the Verizon President's Award and Verizon Star Promoter Award.

Please feel free to review the link below regarding Brents accomplishments in Acting, Producing, Film and Music.

Brent is very passionate about helping people succeed!


Brent Gaskins
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