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Shalandria Ray

Tax Consultant

She is ready to leave a LEGACY for her family. A family business that will outlive her! She understands building Generational Wealth & MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME!

Shalandria has spent many years of her professional career with the Judicial Drug Treatment Facility where she has held various roles from Audit Manager to PREA Compliance Manager.

During her tenure she was responsible for the daily management of client community service duties, management of operations with her primary responsibility of leadership.

Shalandria has always had a passion for helping others. While the world took a hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, Shalandria’s passion to serve took her into serving those that were faced with extended time away from family and work due to medical disabilities. She took on the role of STD Case Manager, which allowed her the time and flexibility to complete her All-Lines Claims Adjusters license and return to her love for preparing taxes.

Interest: Yoga, Biblical Studies, going to the beach and being helping people find theirplace of healing.

Favorite Motto: “Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of yourdreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions ofothers.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Inspiration: My Past, Challenges, Faith, My Children and New and Exciting things. All ofwhich frame who she is today. In one way or another they have taught her that she canovercome anything, they are the building blocks to her gifts, Purpose and Vision, She is Creative!

Recently, Shalandria decided to become a Tax Preparer with Millionaires Tax Consultants and will be stepping into a Tax Consultant Role here fulfilling her passion of taxes. In this position, she will continue to help others in a very professional and timely manner to make sure all their tax needs are met.


Shalandria Ray
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