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Tamekia Bynum Lesure

Tax Consultant

She is the proud Owner of Financial Freedom Consulting Group!Financial Freedom Consulting Group has been a business partner with Millionaires Tax Consultants for many years!

She is currently leaving a LEGACY for her family. A family business that will outlive her! She understands building Generational Wealth & MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME!

Tamekia Bynum-Lesure graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communications.

She is the Founder and CEO of D’Ashley’s House Inc., a nonprofit organization that helps to rebuild, restore, and renew women in her community.

She is also the CEO/Founder of The Lesure Agency, an independent insurance agency that empowers, educates, as well as insures the community.

Her vision is to provide interactive next level resources for all women who help create platforms for women to live their best life.

She is the author of HerStory, a book that details up-close and personal stories of women, in their own words, sharing their stories of adversity and the journeys they took to overcome them.

Tamekia believes that our words make an impression of hope, strength, and courage to empower and transform the lives of women around us.

In this successful partnership, she will continue to help others in a very professional and timely manner to make sure all of their tax needs are met.


Tamekia Bynum Lesure
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